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Career Friend Consultancy are one of the top agencies in Kerala to create the perfect match between job seekers and employers in Ireland. We could help you to smooth your NMBI processing to get a decision letter with in time frame…
Do you know how?
We will provide full service to gather all your required documents from anywhere in India (including college, hospital and nursing council paper works )
If you could do everything clearly in the beginning your processing will complete effortlessly.
Think twice before you do alone get an advice from us just make a call we are ready to help you…
We have a lot of candidates who experienced our fasten service.

Our Vision

We believe in providing better job opportunities, education, and training for people in the medical field for they are our caregivers and the force that creates a healthier community. By helping the medical community, we are improving the health of people everywhere.

Our Mission

At Career Friend we are devoted to ethical recruitment, placement of nurses, complete assistance in paperwork and helping aspiring nurses find the perfect institution. Since it is difficult for hospitals to recruit nursing personnel, recruiting proficient nurses is handed over to dedicated agencies. We aim to provide responsible guidance and quality support to bring out best nurses.

Why Career Friend?

CAREER FRIEND is a licensed agency in Ranni, Kerala, founded with the promise of providing constant guidance and assistance to your medical journey. We provide end-to-end service in our recruitment. We have been connecting skilled nurses with major hospitals and health care facilities in India and Abroad. We also provide support to students for getting admission to the best nursing colleges in India. 

We are the best recruitment agency in India and your one-stop solution for your doubts and queries in your journey. We are a team 100% dedicated to filling your career requirements.  

Process Now Made Easy

UK/New Zealand Nurses’ Recruitment

Migrating to UK or NZ can be quite an intimidating process but here at Career Friend, we turn it into a hurdle-free transition. We provide complete assistance in every step of UK and NZ migration processing. We assist in all nursing-related paper works for migration and make your journey as hassle-free as possible.

Nursing Recruitment Process for UK

  • Free recruitment
  • Assistance in all stages of processing
  • Direct tie-up with agency in UK (save money in processing fees)
  • Assistance with all paperworks after OET completion

Nursing Recruitment Process for New Zealand

  • Assistance in all stages of processing
  • Direct tie-up with agency in UK (save money in processing fees)
  • Assistance with all paper works (CGFNS) after OET completion
  • We offer special referral bonuses (up to 20,000 INR), for referring an IELTS/OET Passed Nurse willing to take up an assignment in the UK. 

Know about

What is HRD Attestation?

HRD or Human Resource Development is a central government-controlled government body. If you are planning on going abroad for an academic or career-related opportunity, your documents need to be attested by the HRD ministry which the legalization process is done to authenticate your educational documents. In most countries, HRD attestation is compulsory; it can sound like a scary process. But worry not, here at Career Friend, we provide assistance in all state HRD attestations (Karnataka, TN, MP, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana). 

DATAFLOW is a certificate verification done by a Verification Agency called DATAFLOW. This process ensures the credentials of the healthcare practitioners are verified as genuine, thus guaranteeing safe and effective professional practice in the state of Qatar; Saudi; Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and other Emirates in UAE; and Oman. 

WES (World Education Services), IQAS (International Qualification Assessment Service), ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service) are non-profit organizations committed to helping students and professionals reach their goals. Their purpose is to provide a credential evaluation to students and professionals planning to study or work in the USA or Canada. 

Certificate of Good Standing is a document testifying the lawful behavioural aspect of the applicant in the community, where they have lived or worked. To issue a Good Standing Certificate to nurses, the nursing council conducts verification process which verifies there are no cancellation or practice restrictions or suspension order issued for the candidate.

 Nursing Certificate attestation is one of the significant procedures of authentication. This can be a tenuous process and requires exact knowledge of the process and continuous followup. Our goal is to ease these processes for you. We assist in Embassy, MEA, S*9/DM, Apostille attestation.

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